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24/5 Nanny - Notting Hill - January 2020 Notting Hill

Job Description:

Job in private family:                January 2020
Location:                                     Notting Hill, London
Position:                                      Nanny
Driver:                                         Not essential
Salary:                                         £65-£70,000 gross per annum

This happy family is looking for a thoughtful, child-centered Nanny to care for a baby boy, born in July 2019. The Nanny should be experienced on kind, nurturing approaches to care for babies in relation to sleep, feeding/weaning, communication and developmental stages. The Nanny would work 24/5. Some weeks working days would be Monday to Friday while others would be Wednesday to Sunday, with flexibility sometimes required.

The Nanny needs to be dedicated and intuitive, with a true love of caring for babies, while keeping up-to-date with gentle, affectionate childcare approaches.

The baby being cared for is healthy, calm, playful, alert and communicative. He enjoys fresh air/walks to the park, being read to and interacting with his toddler brother (cared for by his own nanny).

The Nanny for this position, looking after the baby, would need to work closely with the household to ensure the two boys are given ample opportunity to spend time together.

The baby is bottle fed and will start his weaning journey shortly.

Accommodation when on duty is shared bedroom and bathroom with the baby.

There are no pets.


Application for: 14159 - 24/5 Nanny - Notting Hill - January 2020

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