The following nannies are just a small selection of the excellent candidates we currently have available.

Daily Housekeeper/Nanny seeking full-time position –

Reference: 5861

C is a petite, warm and softly spoken person who has fluent written and spoken English. In one role for 7 years working as a housekeeper/cook for a couple and grandmother in Hong Kong.

She is a wonderful cook, is confident with all housekeeping duties as well as caring for the elderly.

She moved with them to London where she began working for another family as a nanny/housekeeper. She cared for the youngest child since they were born as well as their two older children as both a sole charge and shared care nanny/housekeeper.

Recently she has been working two part-time roles, both as a nanny/housekeeper. She is happy to prepare healthy meals for the children from scratch, can juggle multiple children’s busy schedules as well as maintain the smooth running of a family home. One of these roles consisted of caring for a 9 yr old child who had Autism.

C is now looking for a new, full-time role with one family where she can stay long term.

Her previous employers have described her as hardworking, pleasant, enthusiastic, trustworthy and reliable whose cleaning, housekeeping and stimulation of children is excellent.


They also commented:

“We did not need to check her work as it was always to a high standard. Most importantly, she was adored by our 3 children, whom we could always leave in her care, without any hesitation whatsoever.” 

“C has always been efficient and uses her initiative.”

“Lovely lady.”


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Live-in or Daily Housekeeper/Nanny looking to earn £500-550 net – flex on hours! –

Reference: 24136

C – Young Nanny/Housekeeper, Full driving license, Level 1 Diploma, Introduction to Nannying/Childcare Practice, fluent written and spoken English.

C has nearly 12 years’ experience working in both Nanny and Housekeeping positions caring for children of all ages from newborn twins to school age children. She is confident with all nursery and housekeeping duties from sterilizing bottles, weaning and establishing effective routines for newborns to laundry, ironing and cooking and cleaning for a family.

C returned to work for an employer whom she had worked for between 2012 – 2014 for an additional two and a half years which finished in May of this year which shows her loyalty, commitment to a position and excellent work style.


She has received excellent references from past employers who included comments such as:

“C takes her responsibilities very seriously and is not only diligent and completely trustworthy but also very conscious of safety.”

“Our son immediately responded well to C and enjoyed playing in the park, doing puzzles, reading and playing with his toy cars. In fact I believe it is due to this great rapport that C was able to successfully potty train him (with the exception of sleep time). He will miss her greatly.”

“C is a mature, sensible, intelligent and trustworthy individual who has consistently demonstrated the ability to deal with all kind of situations, being the children or household emergencies.”

“It is fair to say that during her employment, our minds were completely at ease and free to work knowing that the children were in good care.”

“My daughter is very fond of C but most importantly she really respects her. To have achieved this with a head-strong 2 year old is impressive.”




If you are interested in hiring this candidate, please contact Cassie Macoun on 0207 225 5199 or email your enquiry:


Daily/Live in Housekeeper – 23971 –

S is an absolute gem with a kind heart, caring manner and dedication to give her best at any job she starts. She has worked for two families during her career with her first live-in position being an extensive 14 years. S is loyal, sweet, flexible and eager to learn on the job; show her something once and she will remember it forever. She loves to cook for the whole family and try new recipes with her favourite cuisines being Italian, American, English and makes delicious curry’s and roasts. She can accommodate all of the families’ dietary needs, has cooked daily light-healthy style meals for the whole family and likes getting inspiration from various websites. She is happy to cook/help out for small dinner parties and is flexible with her working hours, always adapting to the demands of a busy household. S is the definition of a team player, always trying to go beyond what’s expected to ensure a smooth running household.

S is a highly experienced and capable housekeeper who is confident with silver care, high-quality furniture, handwashing designer clothes and all manner of fabrics. She has previously worked in large family homes completing all housekeeping duties to the highest standard. Whilst she isn’t cleaning she cares for the families children, often for extended periods of time whilst the parents are away.

We have had glowing references for S with all of her employers saying how wonderfully thorough she was and dedicated to the job. They were all sad to see her go.

In her role as a live-in housekeeper for 14 years her employer described her as:

Honest, dedicated and hardworking who can maintain high standard of cleanliness and hygiene in a large family home”

In her most recent temporary role her employer said:

“The house was spotless, laundry was immaculate, delicious meals were cooked, and she was warm and cheerful and lovely to have around.”

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Daily Housekeeper/Nanny – 11053 –

A is youthful beyond her years and not to be underestimated. She is highly energetic, confident and spritely who cleans to a superior level. After having her own children she is more than competent caring for children of any age and in any setting. A stays long term in all her job roles with her employers due to her loyal and dedicated nature.

Her employer of 3 years loved A so much as their nanny/housekeeper they asked her to come back and work for them as a full-time housekeeper even after their children were fully grown. She stayed in this role for 6 years.

We have had lovely comments back about A including:

“We found her to be extraordinarily hardworking, absolutely trustworthy and extremely reliable. Her level of professional integrity is admirable.”


“A has been an invaluable asset to our family, and I highly recommend hiring her. She is very professional, meticulous and reliable.”

If you are interested in hiring this candidate, please contact Cassie on 0207 225 5199 or email your enquiry: